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The Eki.Lab is our Research & Innovation pole at Ekimetrics. Learn more about our research topics and priorities.
Feel free to send us an email should you have any question!

The Lab

Our innovation lab is the first step in our R&D process.

  • State-of-the-art AI for business - In line with our excellence and curiosity values, we study the state-of-the-art AI research straight from AI labs (Graph Neural Networks, Bayesian Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Structural Time Series modeling, Causality) to find ways to apply the latest techniques on unsolved business problems.
  • Data capabilities - in an everchanging field, we need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to industrialize, scale, and operate our Data Science solutions. We research and implement connectors to deploy APIs in 5 mins, configure infrastructure-as-code, or facilitate the Data Science workflows with pre-industrialized templates
  • AI For Good - As a mission-driven company, Labelia and Ecovadis certified, and aiming at being B Corp certified soon, we are committed to continuously challenging ourselves to always ensure a responsible use of Data and an ethical application of our AI algorithms. We research new ways of studying bias, enforcing algorithm transparency or maintaining Data privacy. We also do pro-bono research from climate change to epidemiological modeling.

       You can check our ClimateQ&A model here.

The Factory

Our innovation factory is aimed at developing new solution and prototypes for our clients. We created an inner-source mindset to create, maintain and update canonical blocks which will populate our solutions.

  • Prism - our internal Marketing Mix Optimization framework powered by Genetic Optimization and Hierarchical Bayesian modeling
  • Horizon - our Demand Forecasting solution with hybrid algorithms to merge business hypotheses and forecasting models (from simple regressions to structural time series models)
  • Radians - our innovative solution to turocharge the deployment of our data and AI products, creating substantial business value and paving the way for a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • And many more solutions on Customer Centricity, Operational Excellence, or pure Data Science helper tools

The Community

Curiosity, pleasure and transmission are three of our key values. We organize several events to combine all and keep our Data Scientists updated on the latest trends in the field:

  • Data Science Sessions - weekly presentations on various and sometimes exotic Data topics (Few Shot Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Scaling APIs to Kubernetes clusters, Cellular Automata).
  • Hack Sessions - bi-monthly collaborative coding sessions to practice and improve our modeling or coding skills
  • Hackathons - twice a year we organize 100+ person hackathons to crack a new business, social or environmental problem with Data Science or just have fun as teams. We also organize regular data science hackathons for students with our academic partners in France, the UK, the US and Hong Kong.

Feel free to contact us should you be interesting in participating or organizing such events with us.