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We have been actively creating various hackathons and collaborative sessions to improve our Data Science skills and better work as multi-disciplinary teams.
Browse our exclusive challenges below, send us an email to gain access (if it's not open sourced) or if you wish to request the creation of an exclusive hackathon.

Case study - 2021-10

Reducing the environmental impact of road transport

You advise the subsidiary of a logistics company whose purpose is to decarbonize international road transport. Your goal is to accelerate this vision and review this ambitious reduction strategy in light of the ever-increasing growth of e-commerce.

Hackathon - 2021-06

Ensuring access to affordable and clean energy in Africa

Predict the next six months of payments for different customers for the PAYGo solar technology to help the technology distributors provide these important devices affordably and efficiently to the benefit of people all over Africa

Data Science Escape Game - 2020-12

Crisis in Korea

A bomb has been planted and risk to explode in the next 3 hours. Use your Data Science skills to track down and defuse the bomb!

Case study - 2020-10

The future of French wine in the face of Climate Change

French wine is endangered by the effect of climate change. Browse and cross a dozen of datasets to understand the effects of climate change and imagine actions to sustain the sector in the next 50 years

Hackathon - 2019-12

Logistics for Christmas

Help Santa Claus plan his delivery tours for Christmas by forecasting demand worlwide and optimizing routing while minimizing carbon footprint