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We offer trainings internally for Eki.DataPeople on various issues. Find out in this page about the trainings and tutorials we could provide access.
Our trainings can be presentations or interactive coding sessions.

📢 If there is no direct link yet, please send us an email to request access

Reading Group Session - 2022-11


Discover FLAVA : a foundational vision and language alignment model that achieves impressive performance on all three target modalities : vision, language, and vision & language.

Deep Learning Multimodal Learning Fusion Encoders

Presentation - 2022-11

Question Answering

In this session, we go through state-of-the-art question answering algorithms and present a use case on how it was applied in AI for sustainability.

Deep Learning AI Question Answering

Presentation - 2022-09

introduction to MLOps

In this session, we go through state-of-the-art question answering algorithms and present a use case on how it was applied in AI for sustainability.

Deep Learning AI Question Answering

Coding Session - 2022-06

Principal components Analysis in MMM

In this session, we remind of the principal components analysis, its methodology and its advantages. We then share a use case where it was applied.


Coding session - 2022-03

How to scrap the world

Scraping is the fact of extracting information from a website, through a web crawler, for analysis or reuse. Learn in this coding session how to scrap vast amounts of various data using dedicated open-source tools!

Scraping BeautifulSoup Selenium

Presentation - 2022-01

Explainable AI (XAI)

Discover the critical field of interpretability for Machine Learning and how we work on state-of-the-art approaches to allow interpretability of models at Ekimetrics

Explainability Interpretability Ethical AI

Presentation - 2021-11

Detecting unknown time series events - A maritime traffic surveillance case-study

Discover an approach based on generative models for unknown event detection in time series, applied to maritime traffic surveillance using Automatic Identification System data

Time Series Maritime Traffic Surveillance Generative Models

Presentation - 2021-09

Foundation models & Prompt Engineering

GPT-3, CLIP, Codex, BERT - Foundation models are becoming the norm in many applications, from NLP to Computer Vision. What are the risks and opportunities of those models? Is it really the future of AI. Discover it yourself with your own Turing Test.

AI Research NLP

Coding session - 2021-09

Practical introduction to mathematical optimization

Turn business problems into conceptual mathematical models, find out optimal decisions using state-of-the-art solvers and apply these skills on real-world optimization problems.

Operational Research Optimization

Presentation - 2021-09

MLOps: Machine Learning in production

Machine Learning in production is a really complex discipline. Learn about the best practices and technology requirements to avoid failing in prod (input data drift, model registry, gouvernance, DevOps for ML, etc...)

Industrialization MLOps

Presentation - 2021-06

UX design guidelines for AI products

When developing products with predictive AI features, there are specific UX/UI guidelines to ensure user trust, robustness and a valuable feedback loop.

UX Design

Presentation - 2021-04

How to create a chess AI

Chess has historically been one of the most important games in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Learn how to create your own chess AI using tree search algorithms, heuristics and Machine Learning.

Game AI Reinforcement Learning

Presentation - 2021-01

Cellular Automata & Artificial Life

Cellular Automata are a programming discrete model popularized by Conway and Wolfram. Discover how it can be used to model the development of Life and what concrete applications we could expect from such technology.

AI Research

Coding session - 2020-08

Object Oriented Programming for Data Scientists

Learn how Oriented Object Programming (classes) can be used in Python to accelerate your development process when you are a Data Scientist.


Presentation - 2019-05

Machine Learning at Netflix

Decrypt and demystify how Netflix is using Machine Learning to power every bit of the platform, improving user experience and building a competitive advantage in the market.

AI Research